10 November

Today the 9th round of Red Apocalypse has started and it celebrated it's 2nd birthday on the 7th of November!

To celebrate this, everyone who logs in in November gains 100 free Yala crystals.

Two new buildings have been released today:
Clinics (Each clinic heals one wounded per day, increasing your daily healing rate)
Central Bank (increases bank size by another 100%)

2 August

As always, protections have been disabled 2 days before the end of the round

23 April

Many new updates have been released today:

1) You are now able to get Permanent Supporter Status for 2000 Yala. SS not only allows you to trade on the galactic market, but is also extremely useful in the early and midgame, when trading in the trade center is important for getting more attack turns, because SS gives you +7 Market Trades per week. Get Permanent Supporter Status Now!

2)10 buildings have been added, but they will be unlocked only in the next round (Round 7). You can read already now, what you will need the building for, by pointing your mouse on its name.

3) Construction Queue has been added, allowing you to give orders to build 2 different types of buildings. Once one type is completed, the 2nd type will automatically start construction. You can upgrade your construction queues with Yala up to a maximum queue of 6 buildings. Once you upgrade the queue, you will keep it also for all future rounds. Construction Queue size does NOT reset.

4) You can also complete a building you are building by using Yala. Building Construction Yard 1 costs only 1 Yala to build immediately, buildings, which need one day to completion can be built immediately for 24 Yala. (You need 1 Yala for every 2 turns a building type needs to be finished). 4th February

Welcome to round 6

2 New covert missions have been released.
Counterespionage allows you to focus on attacking enemy spies
Sabotage Commando Weapons allows you to destroy enemy commando weapons

1st February

As in the previous rounds, once the round end is 48 hours away, it will not be possible to activate protections and all active protection will be cancelled. 6th November

Welcome to the 5th Round of Red Apocalypse! Tomorrow, on the 7th of November, Red Apocalypse will celebrate its one year anniversary!
Here are the changes for this round:

1) Your strike must be always higher than defense if you want to steal kuwal or raid uu.

2) The possibility to reset your personal bonus points during a round has been removed,
as all players have the option to change race and PBP each single round.

3) Supreme Medals, Supreme Awards, give +1 Personal Bonus point per class, but +2 Personal Bonus Points for Iron class.
Construction Yards give +1 Personal Bonus Point per yard.
This means a total of 15 points will be given whereas before it was 30 points.
(So a player maxed out will have a total of 45 Personal Bonus points, while in round 4 the maximum achievable is 60 points).

4) Bonus per personal bonus has ben decreased by about 1/3.
Attack, Defense, Covert, Assassin, Income, UP bonuses will fall from
1.5% 1.6% 1.6% 1.5% 0.6% 0.4% to
1% 1.1% 1.1% 1% 0.4% 0.3% respectively

These two updates lower the gap between races.
Before a player had a maximum of about 88% military advantage over a player of another race by Personal Bonus points alone
ignoring another 10% advantage by unique race resource. (65 PBP)

Now a player can have a maximum of about 61% military advantage over a player of another race by PBP,
which is significantly lower.

Enjoy playing Round 5!

4th November

Like in the previous rounds, the round ends in 2 days and protections have been disabled for everyone.

26th October

Round 4 will end on 5th of November at 23:59 gametime (6th November 08:00 GMT, 09:00 Central European Time, 10:00 Romanian time, 15:00 Beijing Time).

Round 5 will start on 6th of November at 06:00 gametime (6th November 14:00 GMT, 15:00 Central European Time, 16:00 Romanian time, 21:00 Beijing Time).

From Round 6 onwards, a reset will always be done in the first saturday of the month, when it is supposed to reset.

Changes for the new round:
In the new round it will be impossible to change personal bonus points in your account options. This round is the last chance to use the personal bonus reset that account options allow. However, in each round, you can change your race, and personal bonus points the first time you log in.

When stealing kuwal from other players your strike must be higher than enemy defense. If your strike is smaller than defense, you will not steal anything.

3rd September

Hunt assassin mission and sabotage didn't work, but has been fixed and works properly now.

27th August

From 4th September onwards all interest rates will double.
This means that if you lend 20 days of income, you will not be paying 40% of your daily income towards interest payments but 80%.

Also if you pay more than 50% of you income towards interest, it will be impossible for you to change to relaxed working conditions.

Currently maximum interest rate is 2% per day, it will be doubled to 4% per day. It's recommended to keep interest rates below 2%, and to achieve that you shouldn't lend over 10 days of your income.

4th August

Round 4 has started. Stats from Round 3 have been recorded. Some of the info is already visible in the hall of fame. Glory rankings will be added soon.


World Bank All players can borrow kuwal worth up to 20 days of their income. The higher your debt, the higher interest rate you have to pay (0-2% per day). You can access the World Bank by scrolling down the bank page. You can repay your debts at any moment. It has not been decided whether players will be forced to repay their debts in this round yet.

Maximum 1000 ST The maximum on Supply Turns has been changed from 2000 to 1000

ST cost doubled for all hostile missions All missions other than farm, raid and reckonaissance have increased from 5 ST to 10 ST.

New Mission - Hunt Spies There is a new strike mission called hunt spies, which works similar as the hunt assassin mission. Now players are able to kill spies with their attackers.

Commando Weapons Commandos (nicknamed Assassins) now need Commando weapons to be useful in combat. Always make sure that all your commandos are armed. Commando weapons always cost 400.000 and deal damage based on your assassin skill. Unarmed Commandos only deal 1 damage.

Planned Updates for this round:

New Mission - Counter-intelligence Spies will be sent to kill enemy spies. This makes spies more useful.

New Mission - Sabotage Commando Weapons Spies will be sent to destroy commando weapons. Makes spies more useful and Assassins more vulnerable

Different Sabotage calculation When defender has no spies, weapons will be sabotaged with an efficiency based on comparison of spies of opposing sides. This means no more destroying 2 times more weapons than explosives if both sides have similar technology level.

29 July

At a random point between 2 and 3 days before reset, all protections will be deactivated and it will be made impossible to go on protection.

13 July

Round ends 2011.08.04

This round will end on 4th August (the exact time can change, so visit the forum for updated info)

When the round ends, all stats will be saved and recorded in the hall of fame, then all accounts will reset and a new round will begin with everyone starting at the same strength. As always players should try to keep the highest rank for as long as they can to gain glory points. The higher your rank, the more glory points you will gain. At the end of each round the success of each player is determined by his glory points. Best player has the most glory points of all.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:
-Minor bugfixes
-Bugfix in assassination missions against offense led to incorrect losses for the attacking assassins if attack soldiers were unarmed. Now when assassinating unarmed soldiers, assassins kill 2 soldiers for each 1 soldier they lose.

7 May

Today Glory points have been released. You might have noticed the red crowns. Now a round of Red Apocalypse has a clear goal:
Gain more glory points than any other player to win. In the hall of fame, there will be a page showing the best 6 (or more) players ranked by number of glory points.
The higher your rank, the more glory points you will get. Don't forget that war experience also counts towards global rank.

Alliances will get glory points based on their member, who has the highest rank.

Good luck everyone!

-Inactive players have lowered income now, having 20.000 kuwal income instead of 620.000 per turn.
-Inactive players have less troops, giving active players better rank and making it easy to farm inactives already now.

-Yala bonuses that you have activated last round remain active also in this round, until the time where they shall expire themselves.

If you have any questions, ask in the forums.

6 May

In less than 24 hours the round will end, progress will be saved for the hall of fame, game will reset and under maintenance for a short time and soon after you will be able to log in allowing you to chose any race you want and distribute your personal bonus points.

The current plan is following, written in Gametime (Gametime refers to Los Angeles time/Central European Time -9 hours):
From now on: Temporary protections have been deactivated and activating protection has been disallowed
7 May Between 09:00 and 10:00 Game will be stopped, unlogging everyone, saving everything.
Till reactivation of the game, we will prepare the game for the next round.
7 May 12:00 or 13:00 The game will be reactivated and you can log in to play Round 3.

We will try to stick with these times, but can't guarantee it. Thank you for your understanding!

For more info on what accounts will start with and what game changes are made, please look into this thread:

At the time of writing this news page the thread has an empty post. It will be updated before the game resets.

31 March

In the survey most people have voted in support of more Yala each day, income boost to be 20% of ones own income, not a boost by 20% average income, and they also voted for the possibility of a permanent supporter status for everyone who plays a certain time even without donating. Based on these results, the following updates and decisions have been made:

+200 Free Yala
Everyone gets +200 Free Yala, and each new player, who registers starts with 200 Yala as well.

+10 Yala each day
Players who log in each day, will earn 1 Yala more with each day, until logging in 10 days in a row. Those who log in 10 or more days in a row will get 10 Yala each day.

No more additional Yala for being in top ranks
Previously top 5 players earned 1 Yala more than other players. This feature has been removed after numerous people asked its removal.

Decisions for the future
There will an update in the future which will allow a player to pay 2000 Yala to get permanent Supporter Status. If you play RA every day for 6 months and never spend Yala on bonuses, then you will have enough Yala to get permanent Supporter Status without donating at all.

Since RA resets every 3 months, there is no need to change Yala bonuses themselves. People argued that smaller players will get less bonus, however since the game resets every 3 months, all players have an equal chance of becomming big and benefiting in the same way from bonuses. One day however a non-reseting Red Apocalypse will be added to Aderan Wars. In the non-reseting game, all bonuses will be equal for each player, military bonuses will increase each soldiers power by +50, and economic bonuses will give the same number of kuwal, UU, or attack turns to each player.

If you have donated money to get Yala, and you are unhappy with these updates and want to get your money back, then simply ask for a refund by opening the contact admin form (at the top of the page), select Request Support, type in the email you used to donate on Paypal and the amount of money you have donated. We will send you your money back. You can request a refund within one week for any donation you have made in MARCH 2011 to get Yala.

25 March

The following updates have been made:

Resources worth 100$ have been paid to players
Everyone, who completed 1st round of Red Apocalypse with a rank 1-30 has received resources bonuses worth a total of 100 US dollars. Rank 1 gained the most (resources worth 7,60$), rank 30 gained the least (resources worth 1,01$). Big thanks for everyone who helped find bugs. Awarding RA medals "Order of Honor" (to be awarded to people who contributed to the development of RA) will be delayed. A list has already been composed.

Yala bonuses
A new update unlocks the Yala page, which allows you to activate bonuses by paying Yala crystals. You can for example pay 50 Yala and your defense action will be increased by 20% for 2 weeks, or 50 Yala to gain 20 Attack turns each day for 1 week.
(You earn +1 Yala each day you log in, and also for gaining medals.)

More Yala
Reach the top 5 ranks and each day you log in, you will gain +2 Yala instead of +1.

Donating to get more Yala
You can support the game by donating. The more you donate, the more Yala you will get. Smallest donation is at 1$ and gives 50 Yala. Highest donation is 100$ and gives 15000 Yala. All Yala which you don't use this round will be passed on to the next round. You can extend the duration of any Yala bonus you want, but it is impossible to activate multiple bonuses of the same time. (Example: You cannot increase your defense through Yala boost by more than 20%).

Hall of Fame
The Hall of Fame has finally been released. Now the achievements of all players will be remembered for all eternity. The hall of fame has 4 categories: Best players in various categories such as global rank and war experience, Best alliances in various categories, Player Ranks and Alliance ranks. The first two categories have been released today, the other two will be released later.

Military and Economic Efficiency
Military Stat details has been updated to include not only military, but also economic data together with all applicable stats and bonuses (technology , special resource bonuses, personal bonuses and yala bonuses).

War ranks more important
2 Additional categories have been added, which count towards global rank: Units killed and Weapons destroyed. This update decreases the gap in ranks between players who like to engage in wars and players who focus on stat building. Now, to be the best you not only must have strong economy and powerful military, but also a lot of combat experience. Farming kuwal is a good way to gain experience, but waging wars is much more efficient.

12 March

Calculations of losses has been modified, as well as display of logs (reports). Following changes have been made: 1) Penalty has been decreased from 25% to 10%. Penalty weakens non-special forces when they defend against special forces (assassinations), attack soldiers if they defend against attack soldiers (destruction), and assassins when they defend against attack soldiers (hunt assassins)
2) Bug has been removed that killed 2 times more attackers when they have been attacked in a destruction mission. The code ignored the technology of the defenders. Now if technology is the same, then attackers will kill 10% more attackers in a destruction mission, not 2 times more.
3) In attack logs for destruction missions, you will see how much damage defending attackers have done if enemy defense has been destroyed.
4) In covert logs for sabotage missions, you will see how many spies have been killed and lost, as well as the kuwal value of explosives and weapons destroyed and lost.
5) In assassination logs for assassination missions, you will see how many assassins have been killed as well as how many defending assassins and target units have been lost.
6) The weight of Population, Income, Unit Production, Total Power and War Experience is now 2 times bigger than before. This means that global rank is calculated out of 14 parts. 2 parts per each of the mentioned categories, and 1 part per each of the following: strike, defense, covert and assassin action. This means economic stats account for 6/14 and military stats for 8/14 for the global rank.
7) Loyalty Awards have been changed. Previously to get iron/bronze/silver/gold you had to log in for 7/14/30/60 days. It has been changed to 2/7/14/30 now.
8) A new update will prevent active players to fall in rank below players who never logged in this round.

06 March

The incomes of inactive players who haven't logged in this round have been decreased from 500.000 kuwal/turn to 200.000 kuwal/turn. This means that farms regenerate kuwal much slower, and they will yield much less profit in the future. That's why it's recommended to use your turns now to farm the inactives. This update has been made to encourage more farming against active players.

Additionally, new Red Apocalypse screenshots have been uploaded. www.ra.aderanwars.com/screenshots.php and minor bug fixes have been done as well.

27 January

Red Apocalypse has released translations of the index page in German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Romanian and Greek in addition to English language.
If your mothertongue is not included, you may post a translation on the forum and your language will be included in the next update.

You can build Research Center 3, which will allow you to research a better healing rate, from 5% to up to 10% per day.(Faster healing means that your wounded units will become healed units faster). Each upgrade improves healing rate by 0.1%

The Strike Mission "Hunt Assassins" has been added.

Destruction mission has been added after being fixed.

A bug in the sabotage mission has been removed

The appearance of the battlefield page and stats page has been improved.

Orders of Orda, Irium, Tarik and Salin have been drawn and added to the Achievements page

A new resource, the Yala crystal has been added. You gain +1 Yala by logging in each day. In the close future, you will be able to use Yala to boost your military stats and economic production temporarily. Save up as much Yala as possible until then. When the round ends, you will carry your Yala automatically to the next round.

Population size, where Administrative Efficiency starts to influence your income has been lowered from 5 million to 1 million population. After you reach 1 million population, your income per economic unit will be slightly lower than before. Nevertheless you should keep increasing population as much as possible.

A facebook "Like" button has been added on the index page. Click it to boost popularity and the arrival of new players from Facebook. Thank you!

07 January

The round ends on 7th February 2011.
Try to reach the highest rank by then.

02 January

Commander offers will not disappear anymore as long as you login regularly
Achievements should now display correctly, any issues are welcome to be reported on the forum

Also take note. You are able and allowed to vote on Main as well as on RA to receive bonus on both servers.
01 January

Some New Achievements released
It may happen that the award you should have does not match what you see on the achievements page as some awards which only used to have 3 levels (Bronze - Gold) now have 4 levels.
This is just a cosmetic issue and will be fixed soon

12 December

Ranking by kuwal/untrained
Important! An update will be released in 26 hours at 13 Dec 10:00:00 gametime (it said 19:00 before, it'll be at 10:00)
Ranking by kuwal and ranking by untrained will be added on the battlefield page.
It will allow everyone to farm the best targets within a minute. Those who will be online at that time will have a clear advantage over those who come after all the best targets have been farmed. Therefore make sure you will be online when this update comes.

The following updates have been realeased already:

Fast training has been removed
Fast training allowed people train units immediately for 10 times the price.

Galactic Market improved
Galactic market now allows you to place a wider range of prices when buying/selling resources. Try it out and trade actively!

Declaring Peace preventing you to attack someone
Previously it was possible to farm/raid someone who you declared peace on. This led to some accidents and now you can't attack anyone who you declared peace on. You must set them to neutral or war first. It's very helpful, because now you can simply declare peace on those who have too big defenses and also on your friends and this will allow you to save time when farming as you don't need to fear making a mistake.

30 November

Income of inactive users has been halved by removing half their available farmers.
21 November

Voting Page
There was a problem with the Voting page. Giving out 1 billion kuwal each day was unintended, and it seemed not to bother anyone, since no one reported it. The old voting page has been removed and now an updated version of the voting page is in place.

Now you can get 20 million kuwal, 60 attack turns and 10 supply turns each day by voting on the voting page. All players have been given kuwal that voting players have received so that everyone is playing on the same level. However, people who voted before have the advantage that they could use the kuwal earlier and earn interest from it, and additionally they keep the turns they got from voting, which means they will have some advantage over non-voters.

Free Resources
As mentioned before, a package was given to everyone so everyone to make the voting page mistake undone. Now the voting page gives out proper amount of resources and you are encouraged to vote.

Bug fixes
Various bugs and flaws have been fixed, including:
-Decreasing price differences in the Trade Center.
-Allowing people to make bids on the galactic market.
-Fixing a bug so that kuwal in bank exceeding limit will become home planet kuwal at the next round.

Work to be done
Following things will be done as priority:
-Wounded units heal and can be trained to military units again.
-Working restriction for alliance membersize.
-Fixing Hunt Assassin mission.
-Showing officers on the stats page.
-and a couple others

17 November

This round ends on 7th February 2011
Players will be paid resource bonuses on main server after this round ends worth 100$. The higher your rank, the more you will get.

Ranks will be calculated according to:
Strike Action
Defense Action
Covert Action
Assassin Action
Aircraft Action
Total Power
War Experience
Unit Production
Total Population
Each of these has a weight of 10% towards the final rank. The rank update will come in close future.

Updates and bug fixes:

-Trade Center rates have been improved for the player (less spread).
-Galactic market now allows you to place bids and trade.
-140 billion kuwal, 760.000 untrained and 20.000 turns have been placed on the galactic market at extremely bad rates compared to trade center, to be used in emergencies. It's recommended to place many of your own bids to be able to trade at the good rates.

-A bug related to special resources has been fixed. Players had their special resources reshuffled and now there is more diversity in special resource combinations.

Other bugs/flaws have been fixed too.

03 November

Current plan is to start round 1 on 7th November 2010!
Regard this date as a flexible one. The round can start later if some serious bugs are detected too late.

You might have noticed that Red Apocalypse is changing without being announced. If you have questions, or would like to keep updated, the best way is to have a look at our forums


A lot of bugs have been fixed and flaws removed since the start of the test phase,
however there is still much work to be done. As of today, assault, destruction, sabotage and assassination missions should be working properly.
Please report if something is not clear or if you think there are still bugs.
Some files, such as covert log for reckonaissance haven't been uploaded yet.

All known bugs will be hopefully fixed by 5th of November.
It's planned to test resetting of rounds between 5th and 7th November to make sure all things work properly.

Then on 7th November, round 1 will start. Some features will not be coded at this time though.
(For example aircraft and aircraft missions will not be coded before round starts.)

>Here is a list of things that have been fixed in the last days (If something still doesnt work, please report it):
FIXED-when farming, bank can get overfilled because all stolen kuwal goes to bank automatically
FIXED-reports show strategies, must be set on normal and removed from all reports.
FIXED-missions should show power per unit for attacker and defender.
FIXED-techmodifier modifies in the wrong direction. should be: defenders killed: attackers killed * ((strike action/armed attackers)/(defense action/armed defenders))
FIXED-sabotage calculation
FIXED-assassination calculation
FIXED-all mission reports
FIXED-spying reports
FIXED-Tool Tip for Payment rate is missing - The Tool Tip is there but has no text
FIXED-tooltips for home kuwal and bank kuwal must be updated
FIXED-no weapons destroyed
FIXED-Bank can hold more than maximum amount of kuwal
FIXED-tooltip missing for special resources on pages other than starport
FIXED-tooltip for foreign ministry
FIXED-when training military units, it says: build a university to train graduates or experts.
FIXED-"removed" images race-rank, hero of aderan, none
FIXED-When you click on "Ask to Join" in the Alliance screen nothing happens.
FIXED-see list of existing alliances
FIXED-War Records and Achievements from main
FIXED-possible to open 2nd trade with a trading partner
FIXED-without uni takes money for graduates and experts and doesnt train them
FIXED-Miners train Workers and Workers train Miners
FIXED-Hangar Price not shown
FIXED-Ranks don't update
FIXED-Graduates and Experts earn 140 and 150 kuwal, but show only 130 on base and training page.
FIXED-Foreign Ministry says it builds a starport but doesnt build anything
FIXED-Starport doesnt build
FIXED-Schools dont stop building after being completed.
FIXED-working conditions
FIXED-cant change personal bonuses to up and income in account settings
FIXED-strike missions without attack weapons
FIXED-Invasion mission still existing
FIXED-Can't train def, spies, assassins
FIXED-Training idles costs kuwal and trains healed and wounded troops
FIXED-alliance list
FIXED-Build button below built buildings
FIXED-kicking out on first login, error message logged in for 3 hours.
FIXED-First Log In Name change doesn't work.
FIXED-Some players have huge defense, and their def action gets updated only after being hit once.
FIXED-Setting higher commander payment doesnt influence the payment at all.
FIXED-Research Center lvl1 allows to research basic techs, research center 2 should be doing that.
FIXED-active races show loads of races that logged in long time ago.
FIXED-Salin registration 14 UP 14 inc
FIXED-logged in for 3 hours issue.
FIXED-bug with banking
22 September

Infobar pictures released.
If you do not wish to have them displayed you can go into your "Account Settings" then "Display Options" and uncheck the box to display infobar pictures.
If your infobar is setup to be displayed at the top instead of the left then it will become much less wide while increasing the height by only a few pixels. (You can change the position of the Infobar in the same "Display Options" page)
13 September

As most of you already noticed, the top part of the website got modified somewhat.
It should get displayed as a banner picture and 2 rows of links in yellow color. Nothing more and nothing less

If that's not what you are seeing, it means your browser is still loading the old files.
In most cases, you can simply press F5 (or CTRL + F5 or Shift + F5, depending on your browser) to reload the page.

Should that still not help, you are welcome to use the contact admin link and let me know about the issue and I'll try to help you out. 10 September

The option to slowly reassign ones personal bonus for no cost whatsoever has been released.
You can change up to 2 points in a 7 day period into another stat of your choice.

07 September

A few more changes released.

See the updates page for all changes made.

04 September

The Galactic Market has undergone some changes in the last weeks.
See the updates page for all changes made.

03 September The second

To clarify an apparent major misunderstanding about the commander payments to their officers.
You can pay as much or as little as you want to your officers.
You will NEVER get into trouble for having a bad transfer ratio with your officer/commander!

However if you stay in the red ratio then the kuwal sent and units received to and from your officers will affect your PERSONAL Transfer Ratio.
If that one goes above +20% or -20% and you keep increasing it by continuously sending or receiving resources in one direction only
(basically feeding others or getting feeded which is illegal)
Then you will get notified by a message that you need to start correcting your transfer ratio.
Should you still decide to ignore that message and continue with your feeding, it is at this moment that you will actually get punished.

Bottom line: Nobody will get punished for paying 200k or even 300k or even just 40k to their officers
You will get punished if you get your Personal Transfer ratio to 50%, then 60% and keep increasing it as time goes by.
03 September

New updates Released

See the updates page for details and use the forum for any questions

If you see red text anywhere, activate tooltips and read the bold text that explains what it is.
If you have a commander or officers, make sure your Ratio Received/Sent gets into the "green" at least for a day or more within the next week

Global Records
Attack Units Killed:1,147,903
Defense Units Killed:2,099,795
Agents Killed:5,577,241
Income Units Killed:0
Total Units Killed:8,824,939
Untrained Units Raided:57,387,592
Kuwal Stolen:46,032,507,290,912
Weapon Value Destroyed:626,976,480,000
Attack Turns Used:365,528
Supply Turns Used:78,066
Total War Experience:770,318,905

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