General Disclaimer

Aderanwars is a game coded in private and run in private.
It is NOT commercial

The game comes with no warranty. All accounts are at all times the property of the admin of Aderan Wars and therefore we can modify, suspend or delete any accounts at any moment.
Anything you achieve does NOT become part of your property, independent of your local laws and regulations.
You agree to void any rights you have on them in case your local jurisdiction claims anything other than the statement above.

Privacy Policy
The email you register with is used to help prevent the creation of multi accounts and allow players the recovery of their login data
We will never give out/sell this email to anyone, ever.
Nor do we even send out any mail onto these adresses (unless that is the only option remaining to contact the player)
The game stores IP adresses from which the players login as a security measure to ease the enforcement of rules such as detection of illegal multi accounting or similar behavior (these adresses being used an indicator of such activity never as sole proof).
IP adress data does not get processed in any other way
Nor will never give out/sell these adresses to anyone either, ever.
By deleting your account you automatically delete all private data of you from our database (IP adresses, email, etc.).

No other personal data gets recorded other than the mentioned above!

Terms and conditions for payments to Aderan Wars

  • By paying to Aderan Wars you explicitly also agree to these conditions.
  • All payments to Aderan Wars are donations, not a purchase.
  • As a principle refunds are not possible as most of the benefits cannot be simply taken away from an account as they may have been spent already or used otherwise.
  • However if a valid reason exists and is presented to us within a reasonable amount of time since the donation we will consider it and try to work something out in a way we deem fair.
  • Do not close the window before you are back on our site or you will NOT BE given the benefits instantly! (If this happens, contact admin, so that we can solve your problem)

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